Useful information

Things to remember when booking a car:

We feel it is most important to view the car(s) you book where practical to make sure you will be delighted with it on your wedding day.

Whoever you book with - ensure the company has a spare car to offer you in the event of an accident or breakdown (we always have a spare car and driver on standby).

There are some replica (kit) cars advertised as vintage cars - be careful you are not booking a modern car made to look like a vintage car - ask for proof if necessary.

It is always best to book well in advance of your wedding date - once one of our cars is booked for a date it cannot be offered to anyone else for that date.


Consider the practical issues when booking a car:

Most of our cars do not have seatbelts, therefore it is usually not practical to use child 'booster' seats

If you have young bridesmaids or page boys we suggest the children have a responsible adult with them to supervise.

If you have a long journey remember vintage cars don't travel as fast as more modern cars.

If you book an open topped car and wish to have the hood down - remember it can get windy.

None of our vintage cars have radio's - this may sound obvious but we do get requests from football fans on saturdays!



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